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Brides of the Infidels
The Christmas party
Uncle B and the twins
The School on top of the hill
The Patient on Bed 21
Job for Salome
An Excursion to Jos
A Visitor for Grandma Bintu
A smell from the past
A puzzle for Dr. Bello
A full tray of groundnut
The Birth of Christ
The Good samaritan
Israel captures Jericho
Jesus walks on Water
The Crucifixion of Jesus
Jesus Calms the Storm
The Story of Adam & Eve
The Story of Joseph
Jesus & the Drought of Fish
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
The Temptation of Jesus
The Children of Israel
David & Goliath
John the Baptist
Father Abraham
The Last Supper
Noah's Ark
The Wise King Solomon
Tisa Isiro
Mallam Fari
White Mallam
Hadith book
New Waves Primary English 6
Active English Grammar 1
Active English Grammar 2
Active English Grammar 4
Rasmed Basic History Pry1
Rasmed Basic History Pry2
New Waves Primary English 1
New Waves Primary English 2
New Waves Primary English 3
Good morals
Active English Grammar and Composition
Active English Grammar 3
Active English Grammar 5
Active English Grammar 6
Junior Illustrated Dictionary
Basic Creative & Cultural Arts 1
Basic Creative & Cultural Arts 2
Basic Creative & Cultural Arts 3
Basic Creative & Cultural Arts 4
Basic Creative & Cultural Arts 5
Basic Creative & Cultural Arts 6
Basic History for Primary School 1
Basic History for Primary School 2
Basic History for Primary School 3
Basic History for Primary School 4
Basic History for Primary School 5
Basic History for Primary School 6
Basic Information Technology 3
Basic Science School 1
Basic Science and Technology 1
All Round English Primary 1
All Round English 3
All Round English 4
All Round English 5
All Round English 6
Bayo’s Weekend Trip
Halima Saves Her Village
Nursery corona tales
My Beautiful Religion 1
Jasmine The Bookworm
Jasmine Checkmate
Jasmine Self Confidence
Jasmine The Captain
Jasmine I Caught You

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  • Rasmed books have added tremendous values to the teaching-learning process here at Green Field Red Bricks International School Damaturu, Yobe State. After critical comparison with a good number of publishers in Nigeria, we have realised that if truly we want to be International, we just have to consume Rasmed books, particularly its Nursery books.

    • Green Field International School
    • School
  • We are using Rasmed books in our Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools and we have no complaint about their books. Rasmed books are colourful and attractive and always in line with the new syllabus.

    • Impart International School
    • School
  • We have been using certain series of Rasmed books and we are satisfied with them. The books are colourful, with good illustrations, a teacher-pupil friendly approach and makes learning easy. It is also in line with the new curriculum.

    • King's Junior Adacemy
    • School
  • I sincerely appreciate Rasmed's apt and prompt customer service. Their books have been tremendously resourceful to both our pupils and teachers.

    • Seylek Schools
  • We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated each session and the way you conduct business as a whole.

    • Honey Trees School
  • We write to commend Rasmed for their textbooks which have been of a tremendous help to our school. We are very impressed with the rich contents of their textbooks and the high quality of production.

    • High Praises Model Int'l Nursery School
  • All books from Rasmed publishing house which we have used have been rich in content as well as clarity in delivering the subject matter in need. We have also observed with pleasure at how their books have evolved positively in the changing face of educational delivery.

    • Full Life International Schools
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