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How to Start Something New

By rasmed on August 9th, 2021

Starting something new often seems like the easiest part of a process. For it to become a habit or to last long term though  there need be some level of deliberateness and consistency.

We often encounter false starts, like deciding to start waking up an hour earlier than usual for a good reason. Achieving it on the first day might be easy but convincing yourself to continue the next day is where the trouble lies. This is not how to start something new.

Starting something new might seem like a hard thing to do. Especially when it applies to a life style change like waking up early, exercising at dawn or even developing a reading culture. It could also apply to starting a new routine with the kids in your class or at home.

This is why we have put together these 5 easy tips that will help you start something new and be consistent with it:

  • Be deliberate: You should have a good reason for what you want to start. A reading culture is good for better cognition and comprehension or a 30 minutes nap time after lunch so the kids can rejuvenate. You have to  want it to get it, and wanting it is driven by a deliberate reason.
  • Get prepared: You know what the basic requirements are for something you want to start. You still need to do some research though to know what you are getting into and prepare for it. A research will show you how people who have tried the same thing failed or succeeded and will help you plan around those possibilities.
  • Make it a priority: Plan for it. If you do not treat it like a priority, scheduling and making room for it you may never actually do it or be consistent with it. Mark out time for reading and even take it a step further by designating a reading corner. One good way is to plan around meals. For instance, I’d get _____ done before breakfast or after lunch. Because meals are a constant in you daily to-do.
  • Set achievable goals: Start small and increase momentum as you go. Taking on to much immediately may be setting yourself up for failure because you could get easily overwhelmed. Therefore start with smaller goals, like reading one page initially and then building it up from there.
  • Get started: You are good to begin. It won’t get done except you do it, so get doing.

There exists a saying that when you do something consistently for 30 days it becomes a habit. So remember, deliberateness and consistency are how you start and maintain something new.

Good luck!

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