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Teaching National Value, Citizenship and Patriotism to Students.

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It is important that we emphasize the importance of Patriotism and nationalism to pupils.
Teachers should find ways to demonstrate patriotism by finding positive things to say about the country. The teacher has to demonstrate confidence in the national values of the country, has to be patriotic.
Teachers must show pupils the essence of being a Nigerian, must show them that there is much to celebrate as a citizen of the country.

Alongside emphasizing important national characteristics and culture, here are some simple suggestions for creating a patriotic atmosphere in your classroom:

  • Ask pupils to recite the national pledge and national anthem.
  • Explain the meaning behind the national pledge and anthem.
  • Educate pupils about the essence of our democracy.
  • Educate pupils about the importance of national unity.
  • Ask pupils to write an essay on what it means to be a citizen of Nigeria.
  • Teach pupils about the significance of some national events.
  • Ask students to draw the map of the country.
  • Celebrate national figures who have contributed to the country’s development and unity.
  • Tell students about heroes who have done great sacrifice for the country.

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