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Teachers Are Makers Of Life

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A teachers influence on a child cannot be quantified; so much so that from time immemorial when teachers reward is contemplated, they are often bestowed with rewards beyond earthly values.


History is filled with great stories of great men inspired by their teachers; inspiring stories of how teachers changed the life of their pupils. Great teachers forge strong relationships with their pupils, they are committed to their students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom, imparting them with important life lessons. They see potential in pupils that others, can’t or won’t see.

Great teachers bestow on their pupils the courage to forge their own path.

Les brown, one of the worlds foremost motivational speaker once told of how these words by his teacher: “Someone else’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” changed his life.

Maya Angelou, America’s powerful poet and civil rights activist passion in poetry was stirred by a teacher whom she said helped her find her voice again.

In Elementary school, Bill gate came under the tutelage of a Librarian, and He has this to say about her: “Mrs. Caffiere took me under her wing and helped make it okay for me to be a messy, nerdy boy who was reading lots of books.”

Aside from educating pupils on the facts of life, teachers are also the protector and the guiding light of their pupils when they are at their most vulnerable. Teachers have the ability to change the lives of students.


Learning about the past with Rasmed Publications History Textbook Series

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To predict and create the future, we need to understand the past. Understanding the past, too, helps us to understand the present. History provides us with insight into our cultures of origin and also provides us with knowledge of the cultures of other people and other places; increasing cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

For almost a decade, the Federal Government of Nigeria ejected History from our curriculum, and today, the consequences are there to see. And the recent decision to reintroduce the subject has been applauded.

Rasmed Publications, a leading Publishing house in Nigeria has published a fine and enriching textbook on Nigeria History for Primary and Secondary schools.

Rasmed Publications History textbook will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Nigeria’s past and present. It will give pupils the knowledge of the past and the past relates to the present. This book will also enable pupils to appreciate the basis of unity in Nigeria. Each book in this series is designed using clear and simple language, combined with highly colourful and descriptive illustrations. Each chapter is concluded with revision questions to help pupils assess themselves on what they learn in each chapter.

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